Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankfulness Thursdays/ Week Twelve

Week twelve of Thankfulness Thursdays and Thanksgiving itself is not too far away! Inspired by Ashley of Domestic Fashionista, each Thursday I post about something for which I am thankful. If you're feeling grateful this week too, jot it down and hop over to Domestic Fashionista to link up!

Today I'm thankful for our network of support.

Last weekend we celebrated the baptism of our son and it was beautiful to see all those who joined in the festivities. We are blessed with wonderful godparents, who I know will treasure their duty and play a significant role in the life of my baby boy. Many of the same people who have celebrated with us at times of triumph and rallied around us in times of strife were there to yet again surround our family as we welcomed our son into the community of God.

I'm thankful for a group that will celebrate this momentous occasion with us regardless of personal beliefs. For those who don't lay a claim to the gift of grace, I pray that our ceremony would impact them in some small way. I'm grateful of course for our little guy and pray for a lifetime of blessings upon him. How fortunate we are to have so much love with which to surround him.

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  1. As the Godmother in question, it was a beautiful ceremony and I was so honored to be a part of it an a part of your family's life. I'm thankful for a friend like you!


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