Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day Eight : Linen Closet, Part Two

Were you wondering if I was ever going to reveal my reorganized and revitalized linen closet?? I spent the weekend working on it piece by piece and truthfully, only the cabinet is done. I have plans for the closet portion, but I really want to share the cabinet now!

The first thing I wanted to do was add some personality. The inside was still this bland cream color that used to be on all the trim and the doors. When we overhauled the kitchen, we had the entire interior of the house painted and now the walls are a light gray and the trim is a crisp white. Love.

So in a bold move on my part, I painted the inside of the upper cabinet in the same light gray as the walls. I did it during naptime and while it was a nice change, it didn't really do much.
The top two shelves are painted and the bottom section isn't. Could you even tell? Me neither. So I hopped over to Michael's and found some pretty scrapbook paper.

Ta-da! The colors are soft and compliment the existing wall color. And it just gives it a little pop when you open the doors.
I also papered the back wall of the bottom cabinet. You can't see it as well but it was bugging me without it. So... are you ready for the big reveal??

And now...
I love how you can see the printed paper peeking out from behind! I've been just opening and closing the doors randomly - my husband probably thinks I'm losing my mind.
I cleared out a bunch of old towels and sheets and redistributed what was left. The top shelf is for guest sheets and towels (making them difficult to reach is a trick to keep my family from using them!) The second shelf holds a basket of hand towels and rolled bath towels. The third shelf holds a basket of cleaning rags and four containers holding medicines.
I had two of these stackable containers from Target already so I picked up two more to reorganize our medicine cabinet into bins. I like that the lids stay on nice and tight. I put all the kids medicines into one bin so there's no mistaking what is theirs. 
The lower cabinet stores the sheets for our bed, as well as extra linens that I stacked behind the more regularly-used sets. The beach/pool towels are stacked at the bottom. The bottom left shelf was left completely free to my shock and amazement so I added another bin that I'm saving for a specific purpose to be revealed later this month. 
I condensed the kids' craft supplies into two bins and put them in here so we don't have to go into the garage every time we need paint or glue.

I'm so excited with how this turned out. It feels so clean and pretty!

Again here's the before & after...

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  1. Looks great! I love the addition of the scrapbook paper - great idea.

    1. Thank you! It was a really inexpensive, easy fix for this boring cabinet. Thanks for stopping by to check it out :)

  2. Great job! Thanks for sharing at Keep Calm and Link Up, featuring you at tomorrow's party!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net


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