Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day One

One of the big goals that both the husband and I have for this year is to reclaim our health. That sounds like a lofty goal, but in essence, we just want to make health a priority, and with it eating right and exercising. It's hard. Obviously, it's hard or it wouldn't be the top resolution on so many lists this January. With a busy job, two little ones and lots of different things demanding our time and energy, sometimes taking care of ourselves ends up in last place. Our plan for this year is to change that.

You can see in this earlier post where my weaknesses take hold. But if I ever want to get my body back (and maybe an even better body) then I have to learn not to let those weaknesses take control. Otherwise I'll never lose the squish! The husband and I decided we both could use a detox, but we're not into the whole starvation/lemon juice/cabbage-only situations that people get themselves into this time of year. I can't get through a day chasing my little hooligans on lemonade and maple syrup. If I tried I can only imagine how pleasant and loving I would be with my family! Instead we're doing a sugar/carb detox by means of the good old South Beach Diet. 

The basic idea of the SBD is that you have to first re-train your body to not look to sugar in all its various forms as the source of energy and fuel. The first phase (which we started today) is super restrictive and basically rules out as much sugar as possible. No starches, no fruit, no juice, etc. It's basically lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats and minimal low-fat dairy. It's noon and already I've had to fight the urge to raid the cupboards. This would be so much easier if we didn't have kids who need their healthy whole grains and fruits! Then we could just wipe out all the enemies in our fridge and cabinets. But my little one still needs those things so I have to resist the temptation, which makes it a lot harder. Thank God this phase only lasts two weeks.

To be honest the hardest part of this phase is breakfast because without any starches, you basically have eggs to rely on and that gets old pretty fast. This morning I had sort of a breakfast burrito bowl with egg, a little sausage and avocado. The man souped his up with a little salsa and hot sauce. Lunch was a BLTA salad and was super good and filling. I'm already jonesing for a mountain dew but right now that's more like a mountain don't. Sad day. Luckily caffeine is not on the restricted list so diet soda and coffee (minus all the good stuff) might help me make it through today at least! More to come on how I'm surviving without all the sugary goodness I've been letting myself have.

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