Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day One

At the beginning of each yoga class at the studio I attend, the instructor prompts everyone to set an intention for the class. It could be a single word, a phrase, even a goal. The point is to use that word or phrase to maintain your focus throughout the class. If you get distracted or tired, you can quiet your mind by recalling the intention that you set. Today I'd like to set my intention for this series.

My goal is not perfection. I don't have any illusion that at the end of October, I will have magically transformed into a younger, more brunette Martha. My attempt is reflected in the phrase above. I want to be thoughtful and purposeful about how I organize so that our family can live more peacefully.

With organization comes order and with order comes peace. For example, instead of the stressful mayhem that typically proceeds any outing to any place, it would be wonderful to have the things we need ready and waiting in an appropriate spot. Throughout the month, I will share my plans, my newly organized spaces and just for the sake of keeping things real around here, I'll show the "befores" too! I hope you enjoy following along as I work towards a more orderly lifestyle.

Day Two : Master Bedroom Closet, Part One
Day Three : Master Bedroom Closet, Part Two
Day Four : Linen Closet, Part One
Day Five : Real Life
Day Six : Kitchen Drawers
Day Seven : A Pantry Alternative
Day Eight : Linen Closet, Part Two
Day Nine : De-junking Your Purse
Day Ten : Tracking Your Family's Schedule
Day Eleven : Preparing Your Home Before a Trip
Day Twelve : Packing for a Vacation
Day Thirteen : Vacation Recovery
Day Fourteen : Organizational Inspiration
Day Fifteen : Meal Planning, Part One
Day Sixteen : Meal Planning, Part Two
Day Seventeen : Meal Planning, Part Three
Day Eighteen & Nineteen : Sweating the Small Stuff
Day Twenty : The Importance of Routine
Day Twenty-One : Organizing the Car
Day Twenty-Two : The Junk Drawer  
Day Twenty-Three : Saving Kid's Artwork
Day Twenty-Four : Using Gadgets to Stay Organized
Day Twenty-Five : Baby Girl's Room
Day Twenty-Six : Taking Time for You

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  1. OK...I'm intrigued!
    I sure hope I get into the swing of being more organized...and I sure hope you will get me there in 31 days!

    Can't wait!!

    1. Thanks for checking out the series! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Hi Martha,

    Im looking forward to seeing what methods you use to be better organized. I too want to simplify my day to day living through organization. Good luck and know you are not alone in your journey.U

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I've got some funny (and hopefully useful) posts coming up. I will be checking on your ideas too.

  3. Hopping over from The Nester! It's kind of funny we are number 706 and 707 and have the same topic. Can't wait to follow along and see what you come up with.

    1. That is funny ;) I will have to see what you are doing too! Thanks for visiting!


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