Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day Four : The Linen Closet, Part One

Welcome back to another day of organization here at Sweeter Still! If you missed the first few days, start here and you'll find links to the following days.
Today I'm moving from one closet to another - the hall linen closet! When our house was built back in the early 80s, they had some really interesting design ideas. And by interesting I mean I don't think they really thought things through. Instead of one giant linen closet, they created a set of cabinets and a small closet right next to one another in the hall. In my eyes, it's an incredible waste of usable space and someday we have big plans to renovate this area.
So we've got the upper and lower cabinets and the little closet, plus that very handy display area (or you can use it to store the drawers from the bathroom that need to be childproofed so the kids don't get stuck in the bathroom.) I just see this as one big closet that opens up to have full use of the space. Wouldn't that be amazing?!

The biggest problem we have right now is not utilizing this space to its full potential. The cabinets get messy easily and the closet storage is not being maximized. Check it out.
The ironing board is taking up more than its fair share of space here. And yes that's my wedding gown in the monstrous white garment bag. Step one to clearing out this space is taking my gown to be professionally stored because we will not be "putting it in a rubbermaid bin and throwing it up in the attic" as someone in our home once suggested. (eyes rolling)
The top cabinet holds mostly towels, as well as cleaning rags and the iron. The bottom cabinet is mostly sheets and random linens. I did a pretty recent linen purge, but I'm guessing there are a few items that escaped so I'll definitely go through it again.

Here's some of my linen closet inspiration. I could just swoon over some of these.
This one gives me some ideas for the open space between the upper & lower cabinets.
Tune in tomorrow to see the updated linen closet/cabinet!

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