Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day Twenty-Five : Baby Girl's Room

Today's post will pretty much be all pictures since they pretty much speak for themselves. Organizing my baby girl's (age 4) room is a constant process. Even with regular clean-up everything ends up mixed up. Her closet is made up of a hanging section for clothes and cubes to store toys and games. The games were taking over...
I relocated the games to a cabinet on the backside of the island and it opened up a lot of space. We even have an extra spot open for overflow! The black basket took the place of the green bin and holds mostly little brother's toys that he plays with regularly.

The top of the dresser was becoming the drop-spot for pretty much everything so I cleared that off and moved a lot of the hats to the new dress-up bin.

The bed and kitchen area are notoriously crazy-town. I'm on the lookout for a better way to store all the pretend food and dishes since they tend to get shoved into the fridge haphazardly and fall out.

All better! Now if only it stayed this way for more than the five minutes after I photograph it :)

Happy organizing! Check back here for a complete list of posts from the series.

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