Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's About Time...

for a new post I think. I've had a lot going on lately. As I type, I'm waiting out some serious bed-protesting and hoping the crying stops soon. Sigh.

As the first summer month just started, what better time than now to begin really working towards that post-baby bikini body?! I'm pretty sure you're supposed to do this before bikini season actually starts, but I like a little pressure to motivate me towards my goals. Fellow procrastinators rejoice!

So will it be fit mama or fat mama? That is the real question. I'll give you one guess which category I fit into right now. As much as people say to give myself a break because I just had a baby, I can't help but think "I don't need a break. I need a kick in the rear." I did just have a baby... four months ago. Tick tock, tick tock. Time to stop waiting around for the weight to magically fall off. In preparation, I've been trying to identify my biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to shedding the jiggly reminder of what my body just went through.

In no particular order, here are the rules I will need to abide by if I want to be a hot mama and not a hefty one.

1. Don't drink your calories.
This is a big one for me, especially given the abundant desire for caffeine I have most mornings since we're not sleeping through the night yet. I don't like regular coffee so I get my caffeine from soda or my new favorite, the McDonalds caramel frappe (cue the pangs of longing from deep within). I'm not good at drinking plain water so I was drinking a lot of juice to stay hydrated in the late stages of my pregnancy and early stages of breastfeeding. In my opinion, juice just barely trumps soda in the good-for-you category because it usually contains fruit, but the massive quantities of sugar and calories don't make it a smart option on a regular basis. I've weaned the juice out of my life pretty well in the past few weeks, but the soda and the frappes are a bigger problem because of the caffeine situation. Not to mention, I LIKE THEM. But a small frappe even without the whipped cream is still over 300 calories and soda contains all sorts of calories and crap that really isn't good for anything.

2. Don't use food/drinks as a trophy or a consolation prize.
I'm really good at rewarding myself with unnecessary junk food and drinks (see above). You know how it goes. You've been eating really healthy all day so you figure a little ice cream won't hurt. Or better yet, you worked out, so you've earned a treat, nevermind the fact that this little reward basically cancels out the exercise. But my biggest weakness has to be justifying something unhealthy because I'm having a hard day and in my mind a little treat will make me feel better. And while a better pick-me-up would be a a new book or maybe a pedicure, most days I don't have time for either of those things and a trip through the McDonalds drive-thru is usually feasible even with two littles in tow. But the root of the problem is using food to revive my mood which leads me to...

3. Don't eat junk as a response to emotions or boredom.
Life can be stressful and tiring and emotionally draining. Life with a toddler and a new baby is the extreme version of all these things. Some days I feel like Supermom and some days I feel like a super failure. It's a constant rollercoaster and that takes a toll. It's easy to justify something tasty when you've been dealing with a screaming baby and a whiny toddler all morning. Sometimes I just want something for myself and a frappe is a little treat that I can enjoy while still performing all my motherly duties. A little indulgence never hurt anyone, but I've been taking it to a new level lately and it's hard to really enjoy something when you know it's biting you in the butt. Likewise, there are times when I'm not feeling motivated to conquer the ever-present list of household tasks and find myself raiding the pantry instead. Not the best option and it's not getting the laundry done either!

4. Don't let poor planning get in the way of eating right.
My mom always used to remind me of the 5 Ps "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance" or as she preferred the 6 Ps "Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance." It's the truth too. Nine times out of ten when I eat unhealthy meals, it's because of poor planning (or no planning). When you're single or just a couple, throwing together a healthy dinner option at 5pm isn't out of the question. Once you have kids involved, it's a recipe for disaster. Improving my planning skills is one of my biggest goals because in this case, it's not just me reaping the unhealthy effects, but my family as well.

So there you have it. The four major rules that need to be enforced if I'm going to lose the squish. Wish me luck!
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