Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the Season

We got an early jump on decorating for Christmas this year. At 3 1/2 my daughter is finally old enough to really "get" the concept of Christmas, so we wanted to make it special for her this year. Plus since last year I was put on bedrest right before Christmas, this year feels like kind of a re-do anyway. We picked up our tree a little earlier than usual so I'm trying hard to remember to water it so it actually lasts until Christmas. I've been going crazy over all the fantastic decor floating around blogland. So here are a few previews of our home. I'll hopefully post more once the camera battery is charged again... woops!

Here's the most festive corner of the room. You can't tell because I cropped the picture, but we stopped the lights about 1/3 of the way from the bottom to prevent any accidents from curious little hands. (I took this picture at night so the lighting was pretty unfortunate. I swear our walls aren't actually pink.)

The mantel took a lot of tweaking until I was satisfied. I wasn't planning on the pointsettias but the hubs had ordered them from a fundraiser and they just showed up one day. I'm liking that they add some life to the otherwise faux greenery. More pictures of the rest of the house when it's done I have a chance to post them.

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