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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making Bathroom Storage Pretty

One of my dreams is to renovate our master bathroom down the road, but until then the drawers and cabinets in our vanity needed a quick fix. They were lined by a previous owner with some super country-cutesy gingham and heart-filled contact paper and I can't believe it took me this long to rip it out and start fresh. (I swear I took before pictures of this project and now I can't find them which is a huge bummer because the before & after would have been awesome.)

I found a big roll of bright and pretty contact paper at TJ Maxx for like $5.99 and it was perfect for prettying up our bathroom drawers and cabinets. I also did a huge purge of all the junk that was overflowing in this area. I used some drawer organizers and bins from the Dollar Store and I'm feeling so much better about this space. Overall it cost me about $10 to fix up 3 cabinets and 7 drawers!

The light in this bathroom isn't great so it was hard to get good pictures of all the cabinets. I love the white towels against the blue paper. It feels so fresh and so clean clean (Outkast anyone?).

I grabbed some plastic tubs to corral similar items that were spread out all over the place before. Stuff like extra sunscreen now has a place to live instead of hiding in the back of the cabinet where no one can find it.

On either end of the vanity are three smaller drawers that house all the daily-use items so my husband and I each have a set of three. I took the picture below before the drawers were filled because you really don't need to see all our personal choices in bath products. Although clearly as seen above we're big fans of Dove soap.

I love how something as simple and cheap as contact paper can make over a space. For a week after I made this change, I would just open the drawers and cabinets to see how pretty they looked. Organization tasks are so much more appealing when they can be nice looking too!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

If you're living in Low-Carb Land like me right now, you might be missing certain indulgences like, oh I don't know, bread in general! But let's get specific here. Pizza is a huge program buster, especially if you're on a low-carb plan, so I went searching for alternatives. I didn't have to look very hard because there are a lot of recipes out there for cauliflower pizza crust.

Even if you're not avoiding carbs, this is a healthier, lower-calorie option packed with veggies. The recipe I used is from Sandy's Kitchen and can be found here. After making cauliflower pizza a couple times, I now know that the key is making the crust thin so that it has the maximum potential for crispiness. Soggy crust is bad on real pizza and downright unbearable with cauliflower crust so spread it thin, people!

The crust is just grated raw cauliflower, shredded cheese, egg beaters and some seasonings. I used the shredding disk on my food processor but you could grate the cauliflower by hand too.

Using a spring-form pan makes it simple to get the crust into that perfect pizza shape, aka a circle. Covering the bottom in parchment paper before you snap the pan together and giving it a spray or two of cooking spray makes it a lot easier when it's time to flip the crust.

After baking the crust for 30 minutes, you flip the crust and bake for an additional 10-15 to get it nice and crispy. The edges will look a little burnt but that means you're doing it right!

Throw some toppings on with some sauce and some cheese and bake or broil for another 5-10 minutes. I just baked it and had no problem. I pureed a can of diced tomatoes and used about half a cup as the sauce. Yum yum.

So I'm not gonna lie. This dish will not be an exact replica for real pizza dough. But it's definitely a reasonable substitution to help kick the craving. And it's easy. Enjoy!

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