Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 Days In Review

It's finally November and I made it through my 31 Days to a More Organized Life series. True, I only posted 26 out of 31 days but I'm calling it a win. Posting 26 times in one month feels like a big accomplishment, especially a month that turned out to be busier than expected and riddled with sickness.

I shared how I organize the drawers in our renovated kitchen and our alternative to a traditional pantry.
I offered tips on packing for your family and preparing your home before a trip and restoring order after a vacation.
I confessed my sad meal-planning skills and shared my efforts to improve here, here and here.
It's been a busy month and I'm so happy that so many people chose to follow along with the series. I do have a few more organization-focused posts planned, but I need to take a few days off this week to regroup. Check here for the full list of topics from the series!

I hope you'll continue to join me here at Sweeter Still as we move into the holidays! Be back on Monday!

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