Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankfulness Thursdays/ Week One

Every Thursday until Thanksgiving, I'll be linking up with Ashley at Domestic Fashionista to share a post on thankfulness. Ashley came up with the idea to celebrate the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving with a simple post each week on something for which we are thankful in our lives.

I love this idea. So often I find myself focusing on what I need or want, rather than what I have. Recently I was trying to explain the notion of charity to my four year old daughter. There is a charitable organization for disabled veterans that parks in front of our local Target most days of the week. When we finish our shopping trip, almost always with things in our cart that we don't really need, I often give my sweet girl a dollar or some coins to drop in the jar. The other day she asked me why we give them money.

"We give them money to help people having a hard time. Right now we can pay for all the things we need and a lot of the things we want too. Not everyone can do that. So we share what we have with people who are having a hard time getting the things they need."

She seemed to understand this answer so we went along our way and drove home. It was a simple question but enough of a reminder to me to shoot out a quick prayer of thanks for all that we have.

Today I'm thankful for my husband.

It might seem like the obvious choice, and it should. I would not be where I am today without him. I would not have my precious babies, our home full of love and laughter, or a sense of peace about the person I am meant to be.

My husband loves me completely in spite of all my faults and quirks. He knows me through and through and chooses to love me even when I am being stubborn, selfish or moody. He works so hard for our family and asks so little in return. Even on our worst day, I would rather be with him than without. I am so thankful that we found one another and that every day we choose us. 

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  1. So happy for you sister and thankful that you have your hubby :)


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