Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fixing A Fidgety Duvet

In our house, all our beds are made with duvets rather than quilts or comforters. It's just a personal preference for both me and the hubs. But while they are warm and squishy and comfy, duvets can also be a major pain in the rear. They shift and shuffle around inside the covers until one of two things happens. Either one person has all the comforter and the other person is basically under a sheet OR the duvet shifts to the bottom of the bed and the top portion is thin and empty. So what can you do?

Word on the street is that some duvets come with built in corner loops and some duvet covers come with ties sewn into the corners and sides to keep your comforter from fidgeting around inside its case. That would be most helpful. However, if your duvet and/or cover didn't come this way, as ours didn't, you can do this on your own quickly and easily. 

What You Need:
*thread (I used white)
*a small needle
*strips of ribbon cut to about 18" for the ties (for a king comforter I used 7)
*strips of ribbon cut to about 6"for the loops (one for each corresponding tie)

Lay out your duvet cover inside out on the floor. Then lay your comforter on top of the cover, matching up the sides and corners. 

Starting with the top-most corner (as it will lay on your bed), fold one of the 18" pieces of ribbon in half and hand-stitch to the outer edge of the corner of the duvet cover. I doubled up the thread to make the stitches stronger. You're just using a simple stitch to hold the ribbon in place, nothing fancy. Trust me - if you could see this up close serious seamstresses would be horrified! 

I stitched a tie in each corner and then one in the center of each side except where the cover opens at the bottom. 

Next, take one of the 6" ribbon pieces and fold it in half. Stitch the folded "loop" in each of the corners of the duvet itself, being careful to match up the placement of the loops to the placement of the ties on the cover. 

Once you're done stitching all the ties and loops in place, just slip each of the ties through the loop and tie a nice tight bow. You could knot it too, but I wanted it to be easy enough to remove for washing.

Here's mine back on the bed. Easy as pie and now the comforter won't be slipping all over the place. No more shaking it out every couple days to get it back in place! 

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