Friday, August 17, 2012

Mission Control

I don't know what it is about a new school year, but it makes me want to reorganize every square inch of our house! I've been on an organizing rampage... not that you can tell for the most part because everything is "in process"or at least that's what I keep telling my husband ;)

One thing we don't have since we renovated the kitchen is a family message center. I've been on a mission to get this set up before school. I really wanted to have a weekly preview calendar in addition to a regular monthly calendar. I think it will be helpful, especially for me, to see what's going on for the current week.

I found a great printable week-at-a-glance calendar at Mommy Tracked. They have a bunch of other options but this one looked like it would work best for us. It has a space for each day of the current week, plus small sections for kid's activities and the dinner plan for that day.

I printed the calendar out on card stock and framed it in a simple, black frame I picked up for $5 at Walmart. It's pretty lightweight so I just used adhesive Command strips to mount it on the wall. There are so many cute options for making your own vinyl calendar, but this is a really easy and quick alternative that still allows you to use dry erase markers on the glass in the frame.

I like that the frame makes it blend in a little better and that it puts our weekly plan front and center. Hopefully this will help us stay on top of all our activities!

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