Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Vacation & A Staycation

Last week was my mother in law's 75th birthday. Can you even imagine being 75?? Me either. Ironically my MIL is more like 75 going on 45, and I hope I'll be going that strong at that age.

We decided sort of last minute to take a trip up to LA to spend the birthday weekend with my in-laws. The grandparents were thrilled to see the little ones and we couldn't have asked for better beach weather.

I mean how beautiful is that?!

Then even more last minute we decided to try to squeeze in one last vacation day at home with a little staycation for the hubs and me. One of our fave sitters was available to stay the night, the hotel we wanted to stay at had a room and it was a done deal. We had some wonderful time just the two of us and again the weather was perfect!

Can't complain with a view like that! We lounged at the pool all day, ate room service and watched a movie. You know you have young children when staying in your room watching a movie sounds better than a fancy dinner ;) This simple but beautiful floral arrangement was in the main lobby of our hotel. I love how the simplicity makes the color really pop.

This morning we came home and now I'm trying to get us all back in the swing of things in time for school to start up next week. I can't believe the official summer break is almost over. I have some great posts planned for later this week and next. For now, check out my new Projects & Tutorials page.

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