Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Customizing Your Blog Header Using PicMonkey

Lately I've been making some changes here on Sweeter Still. I've been adding a few features to customize my blog and trying out some new tricks. One really fun tool I just discovered is PicMonkey, a FREE online photo editing program. 

Today I'll show you how I made my own custom blog header using free resources off the web. It was easy to do and makes my blog feel more personal and inviting.

First I grabbed the free header that corresponds with my background from It was just a quick download. Then I opened PicMonkey in a browser window. One big plus for PicMonkey is it works online so you don't have to download a program to use it.

Choose the Edit Photo option on the home page and select the header image from your Download folder. The photo editing window opens with your image ready to be customized.

Next I opened the text editing option (see that P along the side).

Enter the text in the box at the top left and choose a font that you like. I wanted something informal so I chose the "Shadows Into Light Two" font, which you can see highlighted. Click Add and the text box will appear on your image with an editing box.

Originally I saved the image this way and uploaded it to Blogger but it was too small and left this weird blank space at the top of the page. So I re-opened the image and opened the Effects editing tool (the first option on the list).

Click on Resize and you can play with the size and proportions of the image. If you want to stretch it vertically or horizontally, be sure to uncheck the Keep Proportions box.

When you are done editing, just click Save and you are ready to upload it to your blog. So easy right?!

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  1. Great tutorial, wish I had read this prior to tackling mine...would have saved a few grey hairs!

  2. I never used Picknik so I can't compare the two but PicMonkey is certainly easy to figure out. For a beginning photo editor like me, it's helpful to have a simple editing program to work with.


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