Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Boy's Room

Recently I changed up my little man's room. It was looking a little unfortunate with not much besides some of the leftover stuff he had inherited from his sister's gender-neutral nursery. My husband kept complaining that our son didn't have a boy's room, but really he just didn't have a room that was his own apart from some new sheets and curtains.

Here are a couple of really old "before" pictures just so you can get the idea (and apparently they're a little blurry!)

The brown curtains were a use-what-you've-got situation and they've long since gone to goodwill.

So those pictures make the old nursery look really sad and empty but it didn't feel that way in reality... okay maybe a little, but let's move on!

The new baby boy room has a definite theme going on but I tried to stay away from the store-bought sports stuff. I did keep it a little cute because he's still just a little guy after all and a mama only has so long before he's not going to want anything remotely cute.

I gathered a handful of old UCLA t-shirts that we had and wrapped them around canvases that I found on sale at Michael's a while ago. I just wrapped them, centered them, and stapled them to the back of the canvas, then trimmed the excess fabric. The little one in the middle is baby brother's first Bruin shirt and the one in the upper left corner was my first. I didn't cut those ones for sentimental reasons and just used clear packing tape to flatten them on the back of the canvas. It was a super easy and cheap project.

The framed pictures are illustrations from a children's book that Coach John Wooden co-authored based on his Pyramid of Success. The book is a great way to teach kids all the qualities that the legendary John Wooden felt led a person to success, which he defined as reaching one's personal best. What a great message for little ones! I just color-copied some of my favorite illustrations and framed them in the dollar store frames that used to hang in the dining room.

So there you have it. A little sporty meets a little bit of cute and makes a fun room for our one year old baby boy. 

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  1. So cute! I love your DIY additions - the shirts is such a great idea! What a sweet room for your little guy!

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out! I love how the shirts came out and my husband loves the "wall of pride." Next thing on the list for this room is a new paint color!

  2. It's worth a try at least!


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