Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Heart Summer Style

Photo from marthastewart.com
I admit I am a sucker for the casual, fresh air style of summer decorating. I love having the doors and windows open, flowers from our garden throughout the house, and I really really like the whole patriotic look of summer holidays. I like that just seeing red, white and blue evokes the feeling of long summer days that gradually drift into summer nights spent sitting on patios just enjoying life. I love the summer issues of home decorating mags because they are full of bold, bright colors that really draw you in. I adore the summer spreads of beachy cottages and oceanside homes that seem so comfortable and worn in. The exact feel I'd love for our home. Lived in and comfortable but still pleasant. So many of my projects are on the back-burner right now and it's killing me but such is life. When the man of the house is already working overtime, the last thing he wants to hear is "wouldn't it be fun to paint the kitchen cabinets this weekend??" I'm trying to focus on the little things like oh I don't know maybe getting back to the spring cleaning that I was so gung ho about a month ago. Hmm... In the meantime I'll just keep checking out other people's summer style and daydreaming.

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