Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Double-Take Tuesday

I almost didn't make it but here are some great fixer-uppers from Centsational Girl who is absolutely brilliant at DIY makeovers. For example...
The shelf on the left is hideous. The re-created shelf on the right is adorable as an outdoor storage unit for all those wonderful summery nights when you can eat outside.

Awful. No further explanation needed. But then...

So charming. If I had a guest bathroom that wasn't currently being invaded by a one-year-old I would definitely want something like this sitting next to the tub. You can find other great transformations in this post. She's great at explaining her methods too so wannabe DIYers can try to replicate some of her great ideas.


  1. some very nice ideas, you are very creative. I am a floral designer from Northern California. If you have any questions about flowers, you can always e mail me at samestuf@pacbell.net . Happy wedding planning.

  2. Thanks for the offer! We're fortunate that our florist is a friend so the process has been very easy. Thanks for stopping by :)


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