Friday, June 5, 2009

Cloth Giveaway

I officially ordered my first cloth diapers yesterday and I'm so excited to get them. I found them on a great resource called where you can buy and sell cloth diapers of all shapes and sizes, plus all the parts and pieces. At first I was a little wary of buying second-hand diapers. I mean I would never never in a million years buy second-hand undies for myself so it seems sort of comparable, but what I learned is that not all are used and you can score some great deals. For example, the mama that I bought from had simply bought extras in the wrong size. Rather than return them for store credit, she decided to try and resell them for cash. So I'm getting 8 never-been-worn cloth diapers for 1/2 of the retail cost. To me that's a pretty swell deal.

In continuing with her series on cloth diapering, Simple Mom gave her own personal reviews of various cloth diaper brands. To top it all off, several of the companies she mentioned are now giving away dipes to lucky winners. So if you're in the market or know someone who might be, head on over here to enter the giveaway!

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