Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Doversons

Last year around the time that Baby was born, a pair of doves took residence in a nest in the arbor behind our kitchen. We watched the two birds with casual interest for a few weeks until one day two babies appeared. After that we checked in on them regularly and observed with amazement how quickly the babies grew. I was able to see the babies being fed by their mother, and we even saw the first tentative steps out of the nest as they learned to fly. It was the Discovery Channel right outside our kitchen window. Sadly, soon after the babies began leaving the nest, the whole family disappeared and our birdwatching days were over.

Just this week the mama and daddy bird reappeared and have been rebuilding the nest together. The mother sits protectively in the nest while the father flies back and forth, bringing twigs and brush to build up their home. It's pretty amazing to watch actually. Fiance nicknamed them "the Doversons" and now I often peek out the window to see what's new. I like this little family growing in our back yard. I don't know if there are any eggs in the nest because we never get close enough to disturb them. We just take a look out the window periodically and there they are, staring back at us as if to say "mind your own business!" I hope we will again witness baby birds and there very speedy growth. I can only imagine if Baby grew that quickly. I figure by now she'd be applying to college. Luckily my own nest won't be empty so soon.

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