Sunday, November 1, 2009

To the Pumpkin Patch We Go

We've started an annual tradition of going to the local pumpkin patch as a family just a couple days before Halloween to select our "carving" pumpkins. There is a great local place that does an awesome job decorating (great for family photo ops) and have reasonable deals for the most part. They really go all out making it creative so I snapped a few photos.

I love the tractor! Last year it was being driven by a headless farmer. This year the seat was empty so we propped Baby up there (with Dad hunched behind her out of view) and got a great picture of her in all her excitement.

We carved some pretty good jack-o-lanterns for our doorstep. We've done one for each of us since Baby was born and I always try to bring out my inner Martha. Unfortunately I couldn't get any good pictures of mine without the flash so you can't get the full effect but it looked great in person.

Baby's sweet little punkin

Dad's scary one

With the candle lit at night, it looks like a witch flying with the moon behind her amidst a starry sky but I just couldn't get a photo where you could see the silhouette clearly. Luckily it looked good in person. Happy Halloween!

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