Monday, November 2, 2009

Our "New" Bathroom

Last weekend the Husband busted out his inner handyman and got well... handy. Our master bath shower was in desperate need of some TLC. So desperate in fact that I didn't even take before pictures because it was too embarrassing. I think the shower doors were the originals from when the house was built in the 80s and they were so full of gunk and grossness that no amount of cleaning with toxic chemicals ever made it feel truly clean. The grout was stained, the caulking was mildewy... it was horrendous. But not anymore!

The Husband ripped out the old doors and scraped out all the old caulking and sealant and cleaned with some super-duper Tilex that could probably melt the hair off a dog. This unfortunately was not a time for "green" cleaning so I took Baby out of the house until it was all rinsed and aired out. Next my fabulous spouse repainted the ceiling and walls. We really liked the existing paint color so we peeled off a paint chip about the size of a nickel and the superheroes at Home Depot color-matched it exactly. It's a nice, soothing grayish blue that reflects enough light to make the separate shower/toilet room feel a little bigger. There's only a small window so going too dark would make it feel like a cave. He installed shiny, new shower doors and re-caulked the whole shower. Here is the result...

It sort of looks like the window is in the shower but it's really not. You can see how small it is though. I am so happy every time I use my "brand new" shower. It feels clean and sparkly despite some residual scratched tile and stains. To re-tile would involve ripping out the drywall and starting fresh and that is a project for a different time. For now, we have the feeling of a new shower for a very low cost.

Here you can see the color of the walls and my cute little shelf above the toilet. I'm sure you can survive without seeing the actual toilet- just imagine it below where the picture ends. The little glass jars are just Ball half-pint preserve jars from Walmart. They actually held votives and sat on the belly-up tables on the outdoor patio at our wedding reception. Miraculously I got them back and put them to good use to add a little country cuteness to our bathroom. The tea towels are from Anthropologie (aka heaven) and were a gift from my sister last Christmas. So there you have it... our "new" bathroom!

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