Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Surprise Project Part 1

We are finally home from our long, relaxing trip to Colorado. Visiting with my folks was great and they had a wonderful time playing with Baby. The weekend was a little chaotic but the wedding itself went smoothly and the bride and groom looked happy and in love. I still can't believe they are married but much more shocking was the realization that the next time I walk down the aisle, it will be at my own wedding!

At some point last week, the Fiance revealed that he was working on some sort of project at home but absolutely refused to tell me what he was doing. Don't worry because he told plenty of other people just to drive me crazy. Nevertheless I was able to contain my impatience and wait until we got home for the big unveiling. I should mention that when he flew to Colorado to meet us for the wedding weekend, he told me that he needed to apologize in advance because the project was not finished and the house was a disaster. Awesome. I tried to focus on the positive and remember that he had taken on a large task with the sole purpose of making me happy. And he did.

The Fiance painted our kitchen cabinets!!

I was so happy when I saw what he had done that I didn't even care that every single item from the ktichen was spread across the floor of our house. Our kitchen was in dire need of some TLC and I desperately wanted the cabinets and drawers painted. Before Baby arrived, he painted the walls a calming blue/grey color which was a very welcome change from the previous goldenrod. The cabinets were a cream color with a lot of chips and dings that made them look so sad. Now they're a fresh, clean white. I'm headed to IKEA today to find knobs and I'm thinking black... like a cast iron sort of look. I will post pictures of the during and the after once everything is put away.

Ironically the Inspired Room had a nice post yesterday about white kitchens and of course it made me so very happy. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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