Monday, July 27, 2009

The Surprise Project Part 2: Before & After

In case I didn't say it clearly enough in my previous post on the Fiance's surprise project, I love that he painted our kitchen cabinets while I was out of town! I appreciate him so much for taking care of this monster job on his own and working so hard to do something nice for me. I will also say I was very happy to be able to reorganize and put everything back after living without a kitchen for two days. I don't know what I would do with a full-scale renovation like we dream about where we would potentially have no kitchen for weeks!

Having said all that, here are the pictures showing the kitchen midway through when we returned from our vacation (unfortunately I don't have a good before picture of the full kitchen.)

And here's another beauty showing everything on the counter instead of in its proper place and all the drawers missing...

And here is the result after touch-ups, once the tape came down and everything was back in its place...

The pictures are a little dark but at least it proves that our kitchen is sometimes clean. The counter is on the list of things to replace but at least I can gaze at my clean, un-chipped cabinets in the meantime.

This last one shows the pocket door that hasn't been painted yet and shows the previous color of the cabinets contrasted against the new color on the trim.

Next on the list... black hardware to put on the cabinets and drawers, which up until now have been without knobs or handles. I also have some leftover black and white fabric to make cafe curtains for the yet to be replaced window. I'm sure I'll get to that someday.

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