Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My New Obsession

I have found the blog of my wedding planning dreams. It's called Joyful Weddings & Events and is the blog of a southern CA wedding planner named Courtney Toney. She is the owner of an event planning firm by the same name and her ideas are fabulous! She has designs for baby and bridal showers, parties, and best of all tons of beautiful weddings. I have been devouring this website for the past two days and I can't get enough. How cute is this table number?!

(photo by Jenetta Lea Penner)
She is so creative and her decor is so inspiring. Her focus on the tiniest details makes the overall concepts come together so nicely. One of the coolest aspects of her style is that she is very in favor of DIY projects and it gives her events a handmade touch that adds much more personality. I am hoping that if I just soak up the creativity on her blog then maybe I will be able to give my own wedding the same personal feeling. Even if you aren't planning a wedding or shower anytime soon, you should still check out her blog. You will be inspired to host a party just so you can show off. Just look at this candy bar!

(photo by Furious Photographers)

Spring Cleaning Sidenote: You might be wondering where the daily spring cleaning posts are but given the fact that we are going out of town this weekend for my sister's college graduation, I am on a temporary hiatus. My plan is to resume Monday after we get back so that I can actually give this the attention it deserves.

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