Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lovey

Lately Baby has been going through a swell phase called Separation Anxiety. This basically means that anytime Mama leaves the room, she reacts with instant whining or an all-out breakdown or anything in between. She has also been having a harder time going to sleep and it sometimes takes up to an hour before she falls asleep. I think this also has to do with the fact that she can sit up on her own now and obviously playing and talking to ourselves is much more fun than sleeping. But anyway... today I decided that I would try giving her a lovey to snuggle with at naptime like the one below.I was a little nervous because up until now we've never put anything in the crib with her. But I decided that she is old enough based on all professional recommendations so I'd give it a shot. And it seems to have worked. It only took her the normal 10 minutes to quiet down and go to sleep. Of course I couldn't resist checking on her and found her sleeping peacefully on top of the lovey with the sad little bear's head sticking out the side by her bum. Cute.

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