Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little Vacation

In honor of Easter, the three of us are making the long (two hour) journey to Palm Desert to spend with Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt E, the Fiance's family. I've explained the desert situation before and it's truly a mini-oasis from normal life. This time of year it will be about 85 degrees and just perfect for sitting by the pool trying to tan my sadly pasty legs. Incidentally I'm very happy that my wedding is after the summer because I have several months to get nice and golden without even considering any fake n bake (which I don't do anymore).

I'm armed with a couple mindless magazines and a strapless swimsuit to hold the tan lines at bay. Normally I'm pretty carefree when it comes to tan lines but I think it would be rather unsightly in my strapless wedding gown, so I'm making every attempt to prevent it from happening. With the whole summer ahead of me, it's somewhat of a daunting task but I'm making the effort and if I have some lines it won't be the end of the world. I'm just not that high maintenance.

Easter dinner has been replaced in the past couple years with Easter brunch and that pattern continues this year. Personally I love it. No one has to cook. No one has to clean. You just eat until you have to resist the urge to unbutton your pants but you don't because that would be inappropriate at your future in-laws golf club, and then you go home and sleep it off. That really makes me sound like the epitome of health! It should be a really nice weekend and we haven't seen the Fiance's family in a couple months so they will enjoy seeing our little monkey. Her newest skill is clapping and she's really honed it down in the past week. We've got her to the point where she does it on command and it's just the right thing to warm a grandparent's heart. Happy Easter!

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