Monday, April 27, 2009

Fabulous Flea Market

Yesterday I went to a wonderful flea market or swap meet or whatever the correct technical name sounds like to you. It was held at a high school nearby and was a parking lot full of kids stuff. Toys, books, clothes, strollers, furniture - you name it, they had it and at dirt cheap prices. The sale is held twice a year and this was my first time. The best part is that it's all for kids so you don't have to scour endless rows of lamps and toasters just to find what you want.

We've been the very fortunate recipients of a lot of hand-me-down clothes and toys from twins that are a year older than Baby, so we are not left wanting for much. BUT there were a few things I was on the lookout for and I managed to score bigtime. I found an umbrella stroller in great condition for $15 and got it for $10. I also found a new set of baby monitors. Our current monitors buzz loudly throughout the night and I just couldn't stomach spending another 65 bucks or so just to get non-buzzy baby monitors. I managed to take the hardly-used set home for $10 and I'm happy to report a buzz-free night of sleep. Along with a handful of books, I managed to leave with an armful of things for less than $25.

The friend I went with unfortunately didn't find the big backyard toys she was looking for because those items are harder to come by and sell instantly when the sale starts. We spent the car trip home strategizing about how we would tackle the next sale held in October. It is definitely nice to find things for cheap and feels somewhat environmentally responsible. I admit that my chief reason for going was to save money but it always feels nice to help the planet at the same time. And now I can roll out my handy new lightweight stroller and feel good that I at least saved a little money!

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