Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankfulness Thursdays/ Week Nine

It's hard to believe that another week has passed already! Fall has officially started and yesterday was the first morning that we felt the slightest chill in the air here in southern California. It's time for another installment in the Thankfulness Thursdays series, started by Ashley at Domestic Fashionista. Be sure to check out her post; she always has something inspiring to share!

This week I am thankful for my women's Bible study.

Last fall, I joined a small study group through my Mom's church. We don't really have a church that we are solidly connected to and I was looking for a Bible study at the time that new groups were starting up at her church. There was a group geared towards moms my age, but the meeting time didn't work for our schedule, so I opted for one that sounded interesting instead. As it turned out, I was the youngest in the group by about ten years. The women in my Bible study range in age, but they're all older than me and some even have children close to my age.

At first I was worried that I wouldn't find a connection due to the age gap, but instead it's been an incredible blessing. The women in my group may be older than me, but they are all mothers and have so much wisdom to share, having already been through this season of life. Even those with kids close to my age can remember sleepless nights, temper tantrums and the stresses that sometimes go hand in hand with raising small children. They are encouraging and help me remember that this time passes quickly. It reminds me to take advantage of the opportunity I have now to snuggle and play, rather than anticipate the time when I might get a few solid nights of sleep in a row.

The women in my group bring with them a wide variety of life experience and such diverse perspectives on our study topics. They see things differently and often help me to learn lessons more deeply because I am challenged to take a new viewpoint. And while they give a fresh perspective for me, they always seem genuinely interested in what I have to offer as well. As fall was approaching, I found myself anxious to get back to the group. Our study began again this week and I'm so excited for what this season has to teach me. I'm grateful that I have a place where I can grow in my faith and to have found a group of women who help to encourage and support me in my faith, regardless of my age.

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