Sunday, September 23, 2012

31 Days To A More Organized Life

Each year in October, The Nester hosts a 31-day series focusing on a different theme. She invites others to join in with their own series on any topic imaginable. This year I decided to join in the fun. It feels a little crazy and a little risky because I'm not always the most habitual about posting, but I also think it will be a fun challenge. 

Honestly, if I told my husband that I was writing a series about organization, he would probably laugh. Hard. I'll be the first to admit that there are definitely some areas where I could be more put-together, but that's the point! 

This is my effort at getting organized before the chaos of the holiday season takes over. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. January rolls around and after two months of crazy holiday festivity, everyone is ready to buckle down and get their life back together. I'd like to try to get things in order before the holiday season so it might just flow a little more smoothly. 

I could have called the series "31 days to a more organized home" but that seemed too specific for some of the areas where I'd like to focus. So while "31 days to a more organized life" might seem like a pretty broad topic, I didn't want to lock myself into only featuring ideas about organization within our four walls. 

I already have some great posts planned based on both my strengths and my weaknesses. I'm no Martha Stewart when it comes to well... anything, BUT I am willing to make the effort to improve. That's a big part of the motivation behind this little blog - sharing my successes and failures as I try to make the best life for my family. Just because you're not Julia Child, doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with new recipes and while you may not be Martha, you can still strive to have an organized home and family. 

I hope you'll join me in October for what I hope will be a helpful and encouraging series!

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  1. Exactly! I think that's a totally valid reason. I'm excited for your series too!


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