Monday, February 22, 2010

The Undressed Window

As I mentioned recently, I've been working on a few projects to spruce up the nursery. A long while back, I posted very early pictures of the nursery when all we had done was paint the walls a cream color and put together the furniture. Obviously we've done far more than that over the almost two years that we've had Baby, but getting it to look like the picture in my head has taken much longer.

One of my least favorite parts of the room is the window. It's actually a nice big window with an inset frame that will someday be perfect for a bench or some low shelves. Because of the configuration of the room, the window is partially blocked by the glider where we sit and read with Baby before naps and bedtime. The other big problem is the curtains and the horrendous sheet hanging to help darken the room. See for yourself...

I love how you can see the masking tape holding the sheet (sort of) to the wall to keep the light out. It was an in-the-moment desperate attempt to darken the room so Baby would possibly take a nap by herself after months and months of struggling. While it did do the trick, it looks awful and I'm always so embarrassed when people see it. The first step is admitting you have a problem right?!

The brown curtains aren't my favorite but they actually coordinate with her bedding while helping to keep the room dim during daytime naps. My plan is to shorten them and to hang the sheet from a suspension rod so you can't see it behind the curtain. I also found this great pelmet box tutorial on Little Green Notebook that I thought might do the trick to dress up the window.

In the midst of cleaning out our linen cabinet, I happened to find a red checked sheet from an old bedding set that coordinates with Baby's bedding as well. Following Jenny's tutorial, all I needed was batting, foam core board and some red bias tape. I stapled the fabric and batting to the foam core board just like she did and trimmed it with the bias tape using fabric glue. The only real difference is that our nursery window is a lot wider than the windows in her girls' bedroom so my pelmet box is a lot bigger.

The masking taped foam board ready to be wrapped in batting & fabric.

The final product!

A close-up of the checked fabric and red trim.

I'll have the Husband help me hang it once I work some magic on the curtains, and then I think the depressing window should be just a little less pathetic looking. I can't wait to post the official "after" pictures. For now I'm proud of my little project and grateful to Jenny at Little Green Notebook for such an easy fix.


  1. totally P.O'd.... thought I was getting a mention because I commented....I guess I'm a sucker
    Mrs. J

  2. Yeah, sucker here too. Really wanted that shout out!


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