Monday, January 25, 2010

2007 The Year of Surprises

2007 and life was good. I was working at a tolerable job with a lot of fun people close to my age. I was dating a great guy and having a blast. I was happy.

In April, my then-boyfriend surprised me with an invitation to Cabo for a friend's 40th birthay celebration. I was so excited for a trip to Mexico with my boyfriend, but also for somewhat of a milestone in our relationship. We spent five days in paradise and it was everything I had hoped. We went with a great group of people and had so much fun. Everyone got along and had a wonderful time together. The boyfriend and I even got an extra day to ourselves after everyone else left, and that was one of our best days ever. I know that I was deeply smitten prior to that trip but that week sealed the deal for me. I knew that I wanted that boyfriend to someday be my husband.

Fast-forward to October and we hit the one year mark. Things were still going great and while we hadn't talked marriage, I think we both knew that we were on the same page. And then came the next surprise; the surprise that would change both of our lives forever...

There's nothing confusing about this picture, but I remember feeling like I must be missing something. I decided I must be one of those women who can't do something as simple as correctly read a pregnancy test. As it turns out, I am capable of interpreting basic test results. Baby was on the way!

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