Friday, February 6, 2009

Legwarmers? No, thank you.

Around Halloween, I was in Target and came across a rack of legwarmers in multiple colors. Real actual legwarmers. My first thought was that maybe I should be Jane Fonda the 80s aerobics queen for Halloween. My immediate second thought was "why are there legwarmers in Target?" The last time I owned legwarmers was sometime in the mid to late 80s. I couldn't help wondering if people are actually wearing these hideous garments as a fashion statement or as a joke. I may not be the most fashionably dressed individual in the room, but I keep up with current styles for the most part and let me say here and now that legwarmers will not now or ever again be a part of my wardrobe. This statement may also be applied to boots with fringe, mini-skirts with ruffles, and any sort of colored denim. I've already worn those items at one time in my life and I have no desire to incorporate them into my closet again.

I got to thinking that maybe this is how my mother felt when bell-bottoms and flared jeans became popular again. She had worn those styles when she was much younger and thought it was ridiculous that anyone would want to bring those fashions back from the past. In my delightful teenager way, I simply rolled my eyes and left the room. She looked at pictures of herself in bell-bottoms with the same embarrassed nostalgia that I have when I see my younger self wearing bright colored leggings under skirts, tucked into fringed boots. I saw this exact outfit on a teenager at Noodles yesterday when I was picking up lunch and I couldn't help but smile to myself. I suppose that it's the nature of fashion to be recycled by future generations. Just don't expect to see me wearing pink leggings under a mini-skirt anytime soon.

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