Monday, December 17, 2012

So Little To Say

Since Friday, so much has been said. News articles have been written. Blog posts have been published. Facebook statuses are abundant. Some are factual, some are encouraging, most are grief-stricken.

You don't have to be a parent to feel the sting of Friday's tragedy. Our entire nation and maybe even a good portion of the world stands back, utterly horrified by what happened. It was difficult to read the news updates and see images of a community in shock and at some point, I stopped reading because it was just too overwhelming. As a mother, the thought that something like this could happen to our children at our school is more than I can bear.

There's not much I can do now but hug my children a little tighter, let them know how deeply I love them and pray. I pray for the protection and safety of our family, say thank you for the time we have together this day, and ask for comfort for the families changed forever by this tragedy.

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