Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cabinets? Check.

Our kitchen is starting to actually look like a kitchen again. That would be opposed to a vast expanse of nothing with a nice floor to distract you from the exposed wires that your child is speeding toward like a runaway train. The cabinets were slightly delayed but only by a few days so complaining seems silly.

As a side note, I'm finding that renovation is like childbirth (just go with me) because for some strange reason everyone wants to tell you their own renovating horror stories. What is that about?! If you've never been pregnant, be forewarned that when you are carrying a child and birth is inevitable and not any sort of option, people (women AND men) feel compelled to share all the awful childbirth stories they know. For what purpose I have no idea, but they do. Some kind and compassionate souls will tell you nice things about giving birth, but most will not. Consider yourself warned.

Well, renovation causes the same sort of verbal diarrhea. Nobody wants to share about the miraculously efficient contractor or the amazing new room that was finished under budget and on time. They just want to tell you about how long this took or how badly that went. I have to say that our renovation has been pretty smooth and the budget is in tact.

We are very close to the end now. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't taken any good pictures since the countertop went in so I think I'll wait until it's all done to post about those. But for now I put together a couple before & after collages to see the progress. It's pretty fun to look at the before pictures and see how far we've come in just under 5 weeks. Yes only five!

Soon we'll have a real working kitchen again!!

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