Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Polka Dot Details

While our colors were navy, white and khaki, we ended up using polka dots as a fun accent throughout the wedding. I wanted it to be a cute detail but not overwhelming so I used them in small doses. The bridesmaids and I wore navy shoes with white polka dots and the groomsmen wore navy ties with pin-point white dots. The cake tiers were encircled by the same ribbon that we used to accent the shoes.

The guest bags, as shown in my last post, were tied with the same ribbon as we used on the shoes. I ordered a really cute polka dotted sash for Baby's dress but it didn't arrive in time unfortunately. The night before the wedding I used little blue adhesive pearls from Michael's to spell out "I do" on the bottom of my shoes. I think our photographer got some pix and the Husband thought it was hilarious when I showed him.

The little jars are baby food jars that I cleaned and saved for months while Baby was still eating purees. I soaked off the labels and then one of my very loyal bridesmaids helped me scrub the label adhesive remnants off 120 jars. What a good friend! We dropped a white tealight in each jar, tied on simple navy blue ribbon and the jars were scattered around each table at the reception to add a little more ambience. Because I would have had to buy the baby food anyway, the total for all the centerpiece jars was about $25 for the candles and ribbon. Much less than if I'd bought tiny tealight holders even at somewhere cheap like Ikea and the labor involved was very minimal. All the little accents helped tie together different parts of the wedding as a whole. I was really happy with how it added a little personality to our wedding!

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  1. So sweet! I love that you are sharing all these wedding details on your blog. I love reading it!


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